[Watch] Massive ‘Ghost Ship’ Washes up on Florida Beach


Residents of Panama City made an eerie discovery on Wednesday morning when a ‘ghost ship’ – empty of any human life – washed up on the shore of St Andrews State Park.

The hulking metal barge had come to a stop next to a large stone jetty after a stormy night – and proved an attraction for sightseers.

‘It reminded me of Noah’s Ark,’ local Brenda Lane Report says. ‘I’m hoping it didn’t take the jetties out with it.’

The barge made its way landward after it broke off a tug boat during Wednesday morning’s storms. It had initially been heading to Tampa.

Usually the barge carries scrap metal, grains and other bulk cargo, but this time it was devoid of goods – or people – said Petty Officer Joseph Hendrix of the United States Coast Guard.

‘It’s empty so I’m not going to say there’s ever a good time for a barge to wash up, but this one doesn’t have any material in it and it’s holding itself,’ he said.

Unfortunately for Hendrix and the others working to get the ship back out to sea, the sheer weight of the barge, coupled with choppy seas, have scuppered their plans thus far.

Attempts were made by the barge’s owners to move it on Wednesday and Thursday, but both failed due to the weather.

‘The tide was too low,’ said Hendrix Report says. ‘They thought they would have enough horsepower, but it didn’t work out.’

The plan is now to get a tug to pull the barge today, when the tide is higher – if that fails more boats will be called in.

There won’t be any fines from the Coast Guard for now because the ship doesn’t pose a danger to the public, Hendrix said.

On Thursday spectators watched as professional divers worked with rope to attach the barge to a tug.

The rope broke, but the crowd of 200 were entertained by the sight anyway.

‘It’s an interesting diversion from a normal day at the beach,’ said Hank Spinnler.

‘It’s fun to watch the practical application of someone having a job like this rather than a TV show. It’s much better than Survivor.’

‘It’s sort of fun when there is a little danger involved.’

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Source: Daily Mail