[Watch] Moment Before Plane Crashed, Killing 71


On February 11, a deadly plane crash cost the lives of 71 people and the incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

What happened?

The plane ‘Saratov Airlines Flight 703’ was involved in a deadly crash just minutes after take off in Russia. The deadly crash was caught on a surveillance camera which appeared to show the moment the An-148 crashed in a ball of fire just minutes after it took off.

71 passengers dead

The deadly crash claimed the lives of 71 people and from a distance, the security video showed the moment plunged into a field nearly 25 miles out from Domodedovo Airport, where it had taken off from only moments before.

According to flight-tracking website Flightradar24, the Antonov An-148 regional jet disappeared from radar about 12 miles southeast of the airport. A plane can disappear from radar when it gets too close to the ground to reflect radar signals.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov confirmed that none of the 65 passengers — ages 5 to 79 — or six crew members survived.

Causes unknown

The cause for the crash remains unknown, but weather conditions and pilot error were said to be among the possible reasons.

The crash left chunks of wreckage strewn across a field outside Moscow. A black box flight recorder from the airliner was found, although it was not immediately clear if it was the data or voice recorder.

Witness account

A woman who lived nearby reportedly said, “I felt a shock wave, the windows shook”.

Another witness told, “I left the house, saw the plane, an explosion was heard and the sky turned red”.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, “The United States is deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of those on board Saratov Airlines Flight 703.  We send our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and to the people of Russia”.

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Source: Fox News, Ella oursa on YouTube