[Watch] New Way to Study Oil Spills and Red Tides


The Florida Institute of Oceanography(FIO) has a brand new, 78-foot research vessel.

The W.T. Hogarth, named after “impactful” scientist Bill Hogarth will be used by more than two dozen Florida institutions and agencies.

It will allow researchers and students the opportunity to better study situation like oil spills and red tide outbreaks.

The ship cost more than  $6 million to build. The state of Florida chipped in $3 million, with $3.3 million coming from FIO member institutions and the city of St. Petersburg.

The brand new vessel was built by Duckworth Steel Boats, and is replacing the nearly 50-year-old R/V Bellows.

Over the next four months, the ship will undergo testing sea trials and be outfitted with state of the art equipment.

It will be docked at the USF College of Marine Science in St. Petersburg.

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Source: WTSP


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