[Watch] Oil Tanker Ablaze After Colliding with Freighter


An oil tanker that caught fire after colliding with a freighter off China’s east coast is at risk of exploding and sinking.

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Source: NBC News


  1. Since delivery from yard in 2008 of MT SANCHI // IMO number: 9356608 there has been
    1. Change of name 5 times.
    2. Change of flag 5 times.
    3. Change of class 3 times.
    4. Change of ISM manager 4 times.
    Industry needs
    1.Stringent Regulation for vessel operation are required that should supersede commercial desires (not needs).
    ISM, Class, Flag, oil majors all have different yardstick but commercial opportunities take precedence over all operational aspects. Operator is then supposed to be contain & cover unjustified hazards by firewall of RISK ASSESSMENT & SOLUTION MANAGEMENT.
    2.Insurance cases/claims and unbudgeted expense should be linked to Safety standards/ KPI of the company. This should be factored in for charter hire.
    3.Some trading routes/arrangements do not require SIRE/CDI and TMSA. Vessel in these trades are maintained at lowest possible standards. These vessel are navigating in international waters and pose threat to safety of others. There is no regulation to check & control same.
    Regarding on-board operation overall Crew awareness towards safety is still low and with fast paced promotions competence level is also not up to desired level. This combination is one of the leading hazard & need collective effort of all the ship owners and managers.

    Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry and life at sea need to be cared & respected.


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