[WATCH] One Dead as Ship runs aground near Philippines.


Alam Manis, a Singaporean-flagged bulk carrier ran aground on Friday (17th July 2015).  It was reported that the vessel grounded one mile off IIocos Sur, in the Philippines.

Alam Manis, was battered by huge swells that drenched its nickel ore cargo, which made the vessel to lose stability, whereby the vessel listed and eventually grounded.

One of the 21 crew on board passed away due to heart attack and remaining 20 were rescued to safety.  No signs of oil spill were found where Alam Manis ran aground, but oil spill boom equipment was provided by the Philippine Coast Guard as a precaution.  It was reported that there was a heavy shift of cargo in hold number 1 and 2, which made the vessel list by almost 14 degrees to its starboard side.