Watch Out For These 2 Tale-tell Signs of Omicron


It can be impossible to distinguish Omicron from the regular symptoms as reported by LiveMint.

Various symptoms 

First, the patients infected with the COVID variant do not show typical symptoms like cough, fever and loss of smell. Second, the patients show a wide range of signs that are quite distinct from one another. However, as more studies are being conducted on the variant, it is seen that most patients are complaining of severe pain in the legs and shoulders that can be called the tale-tell signs of Omicron.

Most common symptoms 

Several studies have revealed sore throat and body pain, especially in the shoulders and legs, as the main symptoms of Omicron. 

UK-based coronavirus tracker ZOE COVID app has said in a study that people suffering from the COVID variant also complain of runny nose, headache, fatigue (mild or severe), sneezing

How severe is the pain? 

The pain may be chronic and affect you until you have fully recovered from the condition. Numbness and weakness in the legs plague the patients. Many people also complain about shoulder stiffness and numbness.

Why are the patients suffering from severe pain?

Myalgia, or muscular discomfort, is a frequent sign of every viral infection, according to experts, and Omicron is no exception.

However, in the instance of Omicron, since an increasing number of patients are reporting the same symptoms, it could be related to a variety of factors. This could be related to inflammatory mediators or the fact that the variation has a greater impact on the musculoskeletal system than the others. Patients experience acute pain in their joints, bones, and ligaments as the virus targets the musculoskeletal system.

What are other symptoms of Omicron?

Several Omicron patients are also complaining of gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea, missing meals, and abdominal pain, according to a study conducted by the ZOE COVID app.

The study discovered that this is due to the fact that a large section of the population has now been vaccinated or has obtained protection from the prior version, which is why the patients are suffering from a wide spectrum of symptoms that are milder than the symptoms during earlier waves.

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Source: LiveMint