[Watch] Passenger Missing For Hours, Rescued By Coast Guard

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Before the U.S. Coast Guard located a lost cruise ship passenger on Thursday night off the southeast coast of Louisiana, he had been missing for several hours.

Missing passenger

The 28-year-old passenger was discovered about 20 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana, after falling overboard from the Carnival Valor on Wednesday evening, according to a press release from the Coast Guard.

However, it wasn’t until 2:30 p.m. local time on Thursday that cruise line representatives contacted the Coast Guard New Orleans Sector to report the missing passenger. The passenger was saved by the Coast Guard at 8:25 p.m. after several hours had passed. After observing a person in the sea, a crew on the bulk carrier Crinis informed the Coast Guard of the man’s whereabouts.

Positive conclusion

The passenger is hoisted from the murky waters and onto a helicopter driven by an aircrew in a Coast Guard video that was made public. After that, he was taken to the Lakefront Airport in New Orleans for immediate medical assistance. As of Friday, the passenger’s condition remained stable.

According to Sector New Orleans search and rescue mission coordinator Lt. Seth Gross, “We are beyond grateful that this case concluded with a positive conclusion.”

“It took a total team effort from Coast Guard watchstanders, response crews, and our professional maritime partners operating in the Gulf of Mexico to locate the missing individual and get him to safety,” Gross said. “If not for the alert crew aboard the motor vessel Crinis, this case could have had a much more difficult ending.”

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Source: DPM


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