[Watch] Progression of Crowley’s ConRo Ship


VT Halter Marine, Inc., a subsidiary of VT Systems Inc., is progressing its work towards the construction of the two ships El Coqui (ko-kee) and Taino (tahy-noh).  This project began in the month of November 2013.

The delivery of El Coqui and Taino are expected in the Q2 and Q4 of 2017, respectively.


  • The vessel will be 219.5 meters long,
  • The width will be 32.3 meters,
  • It will have a draft of 10 meters,
  • It will have an approximate deadweight capacity of 26,500 metric tonnes,
  • It will have a cargo capacity of 2,400 TEUs,
  • An additional space for 375 vehicles in an enclosed Ro/Ro garage is available,
  • The speed of the ship will be 22 knots,
  • The containers will be designed to maximize the carriage of 53-foot, 102-inch-wide containers,
  • Wartsila Ship Design along with Crowley’s subsidiary Jensen Maritime have designed the ship,
  • Environmentally-friendly LNG will fuel the main propulsion and auxiliary engines,
  • The LNG fuel reduces emissions: 99% less nitric oxide, 97% less Sulphur dioxide, 40% less Carbon-dioxide, and 99% less particulates.

Watch the top management people explaining the progression of the ConRo ship.

VT Halter Marine President and CEO Jack Prendergast said, “The entire team at VT Halter Marine is pleased and proud to be partnered with Crowley in the construction of these magnificent ships.  It is a pleasure to see the hard work of the Crowley / Halter team come to fruition.”

Source: Crowley


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