[Watch] Russian Ship Destroyed


A large Russian ship has been destroyed in the Russian-occupied port of Berdyansk, southeastern Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Navy, reports WashingtonExaminer.

Captured port is burning

Tanklanding ship sunk

A Russian-controlled port in southern Ukraine, the capture of which was heralded as a “milestone event” in the war by Vladimir Putin’s military, is now burning, and a tank-landing ship docked at the port has been sunk, according to the Ukrainian Navy.

Videos on social media purportedly showed the Port of Berdyansk in flames on Thursday morning.

Ammunition and fuel destroyed

The Ukrainian Navy says the Orsk Russian tank-landing ship was destroyed at the port, and media reports indicate that two other ships are “smoking heavily and trying to escape.” A warehouse with ammunition and fuel was reportedly destroyed at the port as well.

In Berdyansk, a large landing ship of the Russian army ‘Orsk’ was destroyed,” The Ukrainian Navy said on Thursday.

The Ukrainian armed forces shared a video of an explosion at the port and a massive inferno with the caption, “Berdyansk !!! The [Russian] occupiers are burning well!”

In addition to the destruction of the Orsk, a Ukrainian military officer claims the “large landing ship” Saratov was damaged by fire and the Kunikov and Novocherkassk were able to escape. The officer claims three people were killed in the assault and 11 were wounded.

The Port of Berdyansk, located on the Sea of Azov coastline, is approximately 50 miles west of the besieged city of Mariupol, which has suffered from heavy shelling by land, air, and sea.

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Source: WashingtonExaminer


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