[Watch] Scotline: MV Scot Explorer Launched


Scotline are pleased to announce the launch of MV Scot Explorer.

Paula Conway, the vessel’s Godmother, smashed the bottle of champagne on the side of MV Scot Explorer and launched her into the water, on Friday 11th October 2019.

Joint largest vessel in the Scotline fleet

The vessel, built by Royal Bodewes in North Holland, has been in production for a number of months and was finally ready to launch.

She will have a DWT of 4850 mt which makes her the joint largest vessel in the Scotline fleet. She remains under 90 metres, but her optimised design means she is capable of carrying 7,000 cbm of sawn Swedish timber.

Although she is a sister vessel to MV Scot Carrier which was launched last year, she has had over 400 changes made to the design since then, the most obvious of which is the fully-enclosed bridge wings.

This should make her even more efficient than the Scot Carrier, whilst being an easy and enjoyable place to work for her crew.

Delivery in weeks

From everyone in the Scotline and Royal Bodewes families, we look forward to seeing her delivered in a few weeks time.

We are all very pleased that Paula agreed to be her Godmother, and to quote her: “May she enjoy fair winds, safe passage and good fortune. May God bless her and all who sail on her!”

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Source: Scotline


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