[Watch] The Skywalk, The Death-Defying Stunt


The daredevil Alex Thomson along with his team pull off one of the most death-defying stunt. Having established himself as a daredevil of the sport of sailing, this latest stunt involves Thomson, on a kiteboard, chasing his IMOCA open 60 Hugo Boss yacht upwind and attaching himself via a rope to the top of the boat’s mast.  The skipper then utilises the speed of the race yacht to propel himself 280ft into the air, sending him surfing.

In a stomach-clenching moment, Thomson then releases the line to the mast, freeing him to kitesurf expertly down to a perfect landing on the water — all while dressed in a sharp suit.

With a passion for pushing himself to the limit – and having previously executed two other death-defying challenges out on the water – solo skipper Thomson was keen to complete the trilogy of stunts.

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Source: AlexThomsonRacing on YouTube


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