[Watch] Super Yacht Squeezes Through Dutch Canal


Dutch photographer Tom van Oossanen used a drone to capture images of the vessel docked on the waterway, reports Yahoo News.

Super yacht nearly overwhelms Dutch canal

Launched by a Dutch company Feadship, named Project 817, luxurious vessel was being transported from a shipyard in Kaag to the North Sea at Rotterdam.

The 310-foot long super yacht looks immense travelling through the quaint Dutch villages. And it is. But for perspective, Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Yacht Britannia was one hundred feet longer.

And the Ever Given that blocked the Suez canal in March did so with a length of 1,312 feet of nautical steel. Still, the Viva is a whole lot of ship and it took two tugboats to delicately guide her.

At some points, the canal was only two feet wider than the 44-foot wide ship. Even then, two pontoons attached to the ship lifted her out of the water slightly to accommodate the shallow canals.

This boat has been fully designed to actually fit the waterway,” says Van Oossanen.

Seeing these big yachts on transport to open sea is always very impressive and attracts loads of crowds, Van Oossanen told. “A lot of people are actually kind of used to seeing the big boats pass their houses a few times a year.”

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Source: Yahoo News


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