[Watch] Tanker & Bulker Collided, Both Seriously Damaged


A brand-new product tanker collided with Greek bulk carrier in Manila Bay 3 nm north of Cavite City, at 2150 LT (UTC +8) Apr 7, in the Manila anchorage area, reports Maritime Bulletin. 

What happened?

The new product tanker reportedly was leaving anchorage, she arrived there in the morning Apr 7 from Thailand Gulf of Siam, probably to get supplies or carry out crew change, with cargo of gasoline on board, though obviously, she’s only partially loaded. 

The bulk carrier was en route from Kalimantan Indonesia to Zhenjiang China with cargo of coal, she already passed Manila and was well to the north, when turned back in the morning Apr 7, and sailed to Manila Bay, probably also for supplies or crew change.

Damages reported

Both ships sustained serious damages.

Product tanker suffered some 20 meters starboard hull breach above waterline at cargo deck level.

The Bulk carrier suffered some 10-15 meters long breach in the fore starboard area, also above the waterline. 

As of 0430 UTC Apr 8, both ships remained at anchor at Manila Anchorage.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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