[WATCH] The Battle to Save a Cargo Ship


Battle To Save A Cargo Ship

Nine crew members are missing after their boat sank off the coast in stormy conditions. Rescue workers are also involved in an operation to save 14 sailors from another cargo vessel after it suffered a mechanical failure.

Two people also died and three are still missing after a rescue boat crashed into the rocks.

Voice of Concerns :

spdwebdotnet 3 months ago

I am sure the captain was just trying to stay bow out.  You can’t go parallel with the breakers, its a death sentence to any craft.  Drop anchor at the bow, swing the stern around.  I don’t see any propulsion and it seems to be sitting on the keel, I’d say its already toast, Prop shaft sheared.

ALAN MORGE 11 months ago

The propeller was probably damaged.  Pity there was no way of using that crane.  But if it could have been used he would have done.  Painful to watch.  That sad song comes to mind.  For those in trouble on the seas.

Warwick Wells 1 year ago

There’s a lot of black smoke because of lots of things 1. Reving to high 2. burning the exhaust out…… and its a diesel…. lots more reasons.. and I had a close look at the chain at the bow and I think it’s just hanging in the water.  No anchor.

ScooterSanders 1 year ago (edited)

The ship survived..  Saw her yesterday in real life.  LOL

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