[Watch] HMS Gloucester: Wreck of Royal Warship Bearing Future King



The HMS Gloucester nearly assassinated a king in 1682. The ship capsized on a sandbank off the coast of England while James Stuart, the future King of England, was aboard. James narrowly made it through that tragic day, but hundreds of the crew and passengers did not. The location of the ship remained a mystery despite the tragedy and its potential to change royal history.

Discovering wreck 

Then, James Little, two brothers named Lincoln and Julian Barnwell and made the decision to search for The Gloucester. After four years of looking, they gave up hope of ever discovering the wreck. But in 2012, divers working off the coast of Norfolk discovered a cannon. Due to the shipwreck that resulted from this, the long-missing HMS Gloucester was eventually positively recognised by the ship’s bell.

Royal politics

Surprisingly, the trio had no idea how crucial their finding would be to history when they opted at random to go for the missing royal ship. Historians now consider the discovery of the Gloucester to be one of the most important marine discoveries in recent years, given its age and significance in royal politics.

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Source: List Verse


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