[Watch] The K98MC Diesel Engine – Its Features And Working


Diesel Engine: K98MC
Type: Reciprocating marine diesel engine
Built year: 1903
Founder: Branobel

The prime mover for most of the modern ships are the reciprocating diesel engines, when compared to other prime mover mechanisms.  This is one among the biggest diesel engines which takes nearly six months to build.  Due to its tremendous weight this has to be disassembled and put into the vessel where it has to be assembled again.

The benefits of K98MC are:

  • Simplicity
  • Robustness
  • Fuel Economy.

Watch the video for knowing the features of the diesel engine explained by the engineers in the vessel.



Upto 14

Maximum dry weight

2,446 tonnes

Maximum Power

108,688 horse power

Maximum Fuel Consumption

328 tons per day


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