[Watch] The Launch Of Amphibious Ship – Bayraktar


Turkey has launched a new amphibious ship on October 3rd, 2015.  This ship, Bayraktar, is aimed to meet the operational requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Commands.

About the ship:

  • It is a fast amphibious vessel of upper-intermediate size with powerful armaments.
  • The primary function of the ship will be amphibious operations and troop transfer.
  • It will also be useful for swift humanitarian interventions and search-and-rescue work in disaster areas.
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 7,125 tons
    • Length: 140 meters
    • Width: 20 meters
    • Speed: 18 knots(at full load)
    • Estimated life: 40 years
  • The crew capacity of the ship will be:
    • 12 officers
    • 51 petty officers
    • 66 privates
    • A 17-strong joint operations personnel
    • A total of 350 marines.
  • The Bayraktar is capable of carrying 1,180 tons of mixed vehicles or cargo.
  • It has also a helicopter field.

Source: Türk Özel Kuvvetleri on YouTube


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