[Watch] The Maiden Voyage of Hoegh Target From China to UK Carrying 8500 Cars


Hoegh Target, the world’s biggest Pure Car and Truck Carrier, made its maiden voyage to the UK carrying 8500 cars.  When the 8500 cars are in a queue, it covers a distance of 26 miles.  Watch the voyage of Hoegh Target from China to the UK.


  • The deck space of the vessel is equivalent to 10 football pitches, measuring 71,400 square meters.
  • The vessel contains 14 decks, of which 5 are liftable.
  • The large doors in the vessel help in carrying large vehicles, with a height 6.5 meters and width of 12 meters.
  • An additional cargo space on its stern ramp can hold up to 375 tons.



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