[Watch] The Working Of An Upgraded Pentastar V6, 2016


Pentastar V6 receives a major efficiency improvement for 2016.  The 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 has a 6% better fuel economy, a torque below 3000 rpm jumps nearly 15%.  It is possible by a combination of 2-step variable valve lift (VVL), upgraded variable valve timing, improved intake ports and a new intake manifold.

The interesting feature of the engine is its Variable Valve Lift(VVL).  The system varies the valve lift from .230-inch at low speed to .410-inch when higher power demands are required.  The lower lift reduces pumping losses, then at around 2,800 rpm the system switches to the high-lift lobe.  It’s all activated by oil pressure and solenoid valves.

Watch the video for the functioning of VVL in Pentastar V6.

Source: EngineLabs


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