[Watch] This Project Turns Video Calls into 3D Holograms


Google Starline could turn video calls into 3D holographic experiences, reports Mashable.

About Starline

At its annual Google I/O conference keynote, Google revealed a pie-in-the-sky project it’s working on called Starline that could eventually change up remote video conferencing in the future. It’s still in the very early stages of development, but Google’s demonstration made Starline look seriously cool.

Unique features of Starline

Unlike Zoom or Google Meet, Starline doesn’t live in an app on your phone or laptop. Instead, you’ll sit in a specially made booth with an advanced 3D display to talk to another person who’s in the same kind of booth in another location.

High-tech rendering technology will make it seem like the other person is directly across from you in the booth, even though they could be halfway across the world.

If Google could pull off Starline and make it widely accessible someday, we might never have to deal with the awkward latency and poor video or audio quality of a Zoom call ever again.

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Source: Mashable


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