[Watch] Train Crash! Giant Whale  Sculpture Saves It


  • Netherlands subway train was saved from a spectacular crash 
  • The train shot through on approach and landed on a artwork in the shape of a whale tail

A subway train in the Netherlands burst through the buffers at the station, which is at the southernmost end of the Rotterdam metro system, and would have crashed more than 30 feet to the ground had it not landed on one of two whale tails installed by architect Maarten Struijs almost 20 years ago, reports CNN.

An investigation was underway and RET started discussing how best to salvage the train, the company reportedly said.

He explained that trains drop off passengers at the station before continuing to a parking area, which is where the incident occurred. The driver was unhurt and there were no passengers on board.

The tracks were built on a viaduct in an existing park, and local people asked for the whale tails to be installed as compensation for the loss of space in the park, Struijs said.

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Source: CNN


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