[Watch] Whale-Watching Ship Crashing Into A Pier Off North Harbor Drive


The whale-watching ship  carrying  five crew members and 139 passengers hit the dock in San Diego’s Embarcadero shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday.

Three of the injured were taken to hospital  with “traumatic injuries,”.  And those who weren’t injured had to stay on board the ship at least an hour and a half, until a tugboat could ease the vessel to an undamaged part of the dock.

Than the crew opened the snack bar for free food and drink while approximately 139 passengers on board waited two hours to disembark.

The crews of the cruise ship blamed a mechanical malfunction for the crash. Passengers say the crew was yelling out “brace for cover!” as the ship hit the dock, causing damage to the bow of the vessel.

The Coast Guard responded and determined nothing hazardous had spilled into the water and Harbor police and engineers secured the seawall.

Port officials said “crews would work diligently to repair the seawall and barrier railings as soon as possible”.

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Source: Steve Holden on YouTube


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