[Watch] What Happens When A Toilet Is Flushed Aboard A Navy Ship


At times, both duty and nature can make simultaneous calls.

What happens to the garbage generated by the thousands of sailors who use the restroom on Navy ships?

Restroom mystery

The mystery was too much for YVMA Productions, a YouTube channel, so its camera teams decided to look up the solution on their own.

The narrator claims that one of the few tasks on board a ship that demands the highest level of attention to detail is the disposal of sewage that has been produced aboard a carrier. “The ship’s sewage cannot be kept on board for an extended period of time. It must be released into the water as a result.”


While the ocean is somewhat self-cleansing, the Navy cannot simply dump sailor excrement overboard and carry on with its mission.

It must take the time to sanitize its “black water” before returning it to nature.

Only when the water is sterile is it pumped back into the ocean.

But unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing.

“Frequent clogging of the system,” which is similar to those used on a commercial airliner, has necessitated unique fixes that include flushing the entire “sewage system on a regular basis” with an acidic substance capable of unclogging, the report found.

Talk about a crapshoot.


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Source: Military Times


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