[Watch] World’s First All-electric Commuter Aircraft Takes Flight


A prototype of an all-electric airplane took to the sky for the first time on Tuesday in Washington state, marking what could be a defining, game-changing moment for the aviation industry, reports Tech Times.

Maiden flight of all-electric airplane

Built by the startup Eviation, Alice took off on its maiden flight from Grant County International Airport at 7:10am (18:10 UAE time) and became the first zero-emission flight in the world. Alice flew for eight minutes at an altitude of 3,500 feet.

Targeted at commuter and cargo markets, Eviation Alice will operate flights ranging from 150 miles (241km) to 250 miles (401km). It produces no carbon emissions, significantly reduces noise, and costs a fraction to operate per flight hour compared to light jets or high-end turboprops, the company said.

Alice will have a maximum operating speed of 260 knots (481 kilometers per hour), and will be able to carry maximum useful load of approximately 1,135 kilos for passenger version and 1,180 kilos for the eCargo version.

It is powered by two magni650 electric propulsion units from magniX, the only flight-proven electric propulsion systems at this scale. It uses just over 21,500 small Tesla-style battery cells that, at just over 4 tons, makeup half the weight of the carbon composite airframe.

The plane will have two commuter versions, one built to carry nine passengers and two flying staff and the other an executive six-seater version.

The company’s aim in near future is to show such electric planes are viable as commuter aircraft flying at an altitude of about 15,000 feet.

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Source: Tech Times


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