Weekly Bulk Report – Week 7, 2022


The Baltic Exchange has released a report about the dry bulk market for the 7th week of shipping activities of this year. The report dated 18th February highlights the dry bulk market conditions at the on-sight of the 7th week.


The Capesize market struggled to hold its value this week as rates ebbed away across all routes. Closing Friday some reprieve was found as the Capesize 5TC closed on a positive up note +1888 to settle at $13,888.

The Pacific region which experienced stronger swings compared to the other regions saw the Transpacific C10 change +1546 week on week concluding at $9,125.

In the Atlantic rates were seen to dip midweek, yet pushed up strongly on Friday as several stronger fronthaul fixtures were reported although some of these for breaching ice prone regions. The Fronthaul C9 was seen closing up +5600 to $37,350.

The Brazil to China C3 market was relatively quiet as it also softened throughout the week. Yet it was also swept up in the positive end of week sentiment as it closed +0.685 to settle at $21.605. On a time charter basis the Brazil to China C14 now prices at $10,973.

Moving into next week on a positive note means the market can likely regain some lost ground in the first few days, but whether it has the legs to move on further remains to be seen.


Brokers spoke of a two tier market this week in both basins depending on vessels open dates with later tonnage commanding a small premium at present.

In East Coast South America there has been more visible activity today with a 83,000-dwt fixed basis delivery retro sailing Singapore on the 12 February for a trip via East Coast South America to South East Asia at $23,000 and a 81,000-dwt placed on subjects for a trip from East Coast South America to Singapore-Japan Range at $26,000, plus a ballast bonus of $1,300,00 for early March Delivery.

A Kamsarmax open Continent was fixed via Ice Free ports in the Baltic to India at $33,000. Nopac has also been active with Kamsarmax’s fixing from South Korea and China via Nopac for a round voyage between $22,000 and $24,000 levels depending on specs.

A Kamsarmax was rumoured to have been fixed for a year basis delivery South East Asia at around $27,000.

Supramax / Ultramax

A mixed week overall as the Asian arena started proceeding on a firm note only to ease off as the weekend came. From the Atlantic the US Gulf demand was seen although some said again this was easing.

Elsewhere sentiment remained strong from the Mediterranean. Period activity was on the increase, A 63,000-dwt open China fixing 5 to 7 months trading at $32,500. From South America demand was seen a 52,000-dwt fixing a trip delivery Recalada redelivery Mediterranean at $32,000.

Whilst from the Mediterranean a 61,000-dwt fixed a trip delivery Damietta redelivery West Africa at $29,000. Enquiry from south Asia weakened as the week progressed, a 55,000-dwt fixing delivery Singapore via Indonesia redelivery China at $23,500.

Further north a slightly more positive feel, a 55,000 open South Korea fixing a round voyage via Australia at $29,000 redelivery Singapore-Japan. Limited activity was reported from the Indian Ocean but a 53,000 open Jebel Ali fixed a trip to Bangladesh at $35,000.


We have seen more positive gains on the BHSI this week, with most markets seeing daily improvements.  In Asia a lack of prompt tonnage is still driving the increases with a 38,000-dwt fixed from North China to the Mediterranean at $32,000.

A 1990’s built 45,000-dwt fixed from South East Asia to West Africa at $19,000 with an intended cargo of slag.  In The Atlantic a 38,000-dwt fixed from Canakkale via the Black Sea to the US Gulf at $21,000.

A Large handy fixed from the Sea of Marmara via the Black Sea to the Continent at $20,000.  Period fixtures have been active in both basins with a 37,000-dwt open in South China was fixed for three to seven months at $28,000.

A 35,000-dwt open in China with prompt dates was fixed at $28,000 for a short period and a 45,000-dwt open in early March in Lake Charles fixing for two years at 110% of the BHSI.

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Source: Baltic Exchange