Weekly Container Rate – China’s Growing Trade Evolution With Mexico And US West Coasts


  • China’s container shipping demand to Mexico surged by 59.7% in January 2024, indicating a significant shift in global trade dynamics.
  • This update explores the evolving trade relationship between China and Mexico, potentially influenced by circumventing tariffs amid the ongoing trade war.
  • Analysis of spot market volatility and long-term rate fluctuations highlights the complexities shippers face in navigating these evolving trade routes and underscores the importance of considering alternative import routes.

Container shipping demand from China to Mexico witnessed a remarkable surge of 59.7% in January 2024 compared to the previous year, marking one of the fastest-growing trades globally.

Rising Trade Between China and Mexico

The trade strength between China and Mexico has been steadily increasing, with an annual growth rate of 34.8% in 2023, positioning Mexico as the top trading partner for imports into the US.

Potential Impact of Trade War Dynamics

The substantial growth in China-Mexico trade raises the possibility of circumventing tariffs on imports from China to the US amid the ongoing trade war, prompting discussions on alternative Transpacific routing into the US via Mexico.

Consideration of Alternative Routes

Given the current geopolitical climate, there is a need to consider alternative Transpacific routing into the US via Mexico from China and Asia, highlighting the evolving trade dynamics and strategic shifts in global commerce.

Spot Market Volatility and Complex Decision-Making

Spot market volatility in the China-Mexico West Coast trade presents challenges for shippers, with fluctuating rates influencing decision-making. Analysis of spot market trends underscores the complexities shippers face in navigating evolving trade routes.

Long-Term Rate Fluctuations

Long-term rate fluctuations further complicate decision-making, with rates fluctuating between China-Mexico and China-US West Coast trades. Benchmarking against viable alternative import routes becomes crucial in adapting to evolving market conditions.

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Source: Xeneta