What do You do About a Ship Adrift?



The Idea :

What actions an experienced team/organisation should take if a ship from a fleet goes adrift due to complete engine failure. Share your experience and thoughts for the course of action taken both in calm weather and in severe storm conditions.

Hypothetical Situation:

What would happen in the same situation if the engines were completely destroyed, let’s say they suffered spontaneous explosion and it’s a post-apocalypse world with no ports for miles, wouldn’t there be some other way to save the ship?


Watch a great video on how one important support works

We caught this situation from today’s breaking news and now we request you all to spell out root cause of such incidents and tips to avoid the same.

Look here for all compiled suggestions and solutions by next week!

Disclaimer: The above image is for representation of the below incident and need not be considered as an actual case image.

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