What Is A Ship’s Crew? What Do They Do? And How Do They Join? 2022 Ship Pay


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Ship staff performs routine maintenance of cargo ships

There are many sections in the ship. Since each department may have different maintenance needs, the responsibility area of ​​the ship’s personnel is wide.

This position, also known as a seaman, is one of the positions in the maritime transport sector where the need for labor is high.

Shipbuilding requires muscle strength. The fact that the work to be done requires strength is among the important details to be considered during the application.

Ship personnel can do different jobs according to their duties and responsibilities.

In addition, the candidate should not have a situation that prevents them from making a sea voyage.

The question of who is the ship’s member can be answered in various ways.

In general, it can be said that the people who carry out the routine maintenance of the ships are called ship personnel.

What Does a Ship Staff Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The answers to the question of what is a ship’s staff are explained with the duties related to the position. Ship environment is an environment where paints can be spilled due to salty sea water, metal parts can rust, dust in the air can stick to the surface, and containers loaded from outside can pollute the interior. It is the main task to provide the necessary hygiene while the expedition continues. Every labor demand that may arise on the ship primarily concerns the seafarers. Duties and responsibilities of someone in this position include:

  • While the ship is waiting at the port, it keeps watch in front of the door.
  • He scrapes the deck.
  • It performs the maintenance of rusted or discolored irons.
  • It sweeps the dust left by the cargo containers in the warehouse.
  • He takes part in transport works.
  • He obeys the orders of the captain or officers.

It is an important duty to keep watch in order to see the personnel leaving the ship during loading or unloading, to detect those who landed and those who did not return while the ship was taking off, and to inform the captain level, to prevent foreigners or land animals that may enter the ship. Cargoes carried on ships are mostly in large containers. Since cranes are used to transport cargo containers, the ship’s staff may not be held responsible for the transport of the cargo in the warehouse.

What Education Is Required To Become A Ship Personnel?

Ship personnel is an employee who can be considered advantageous in terms of training. Candidates can start working by studying in the relevant courses after completing the education they received at the secondary education level. In addition, the hierarchy within the ship can be understood from the naming. It should be noted that the personnel on board do not have the same status. Three groups can be mentioned in accordance with the position hierarchy. These; crew, minutes and captain levels. The crew serves as deckhand or oiler. This is often the position meant by the term seaman. Officer is a general nomenclature to describe vice captains. Depending on the size of the ship or the service requirement, three or four officers may serve on the same ship. The captain is alone. It would not be possible to directly start working in this position. To be a captain, you must first be an officer. The procedures required by different positions are different from each other. Personnel dealing with deck affairs can receive a few months of training from approved seafarer training courses by graduating from secondary or Anatolian high schools. Those who want to start work in higher positions should graduate from maritime vocational high school, maritime education colleges or faculties with maritime programs.

What are the Requirements to Become a Ship Staff?

Among the necessary conditions to be a ship employee is that the candidate has no travel barrier. Not all physical conditions can hinder travel. Since it will be difficult to communicate with the mainland while on an expedition, the candidate should prepare himself psychologically for this situation. Since there is no internet access during the voyage and the quality of the recording will decrease as you move away from the base stations, using the phone only in the areas close to the shore may make it difficult to communicate with the relatives. Questions such as how to become a sailor and what are the conditions of being a sailor can be answered as follows;

  • To have a certificate from an approved seafarer course.
  • To have a medical report certifying that there are no obstacles to a sea voyage.
  • Not having a situation that prevents going abroad.
  • Have a valid passport.

A maritime high school, college or university degree is required for those wishing to start working in a clerk position. Completing the compulsory internship period is also a requirement for officer candidates.

What are the Ship Staff Recruitment Conditions?

Ship staff is a position that makes candidates curious about salary. Foreign companies can pay their employees in different currencies. Those who want to be a ship’s personnel in order to evaluate high salary opportunities have to fulfill some conditions. Some of the most common conditions faced by candidates who are thinking about how to become a ship employee are as follows;

  • Getting used to the sea air.
  • To know the general rules to be followed on board.
  • To be a qualified employee with several years of experience.
  • To be able to take part in jobs that require manual power.
  • Being calm in the face of possible accidents and mishaps and helping to take the necessary precautions.
  • Preferably knowing a foreign language, especially being able to speak English.

Ship Staff Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries of the Ship Staff are the lowest 8.740 TL, the average 10.930 TL, the highest 24.380 TL.

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