What is Necessary to Restore U.S. Dominance in the Seas?

Credit: christian-ochoa–unsplash

Regaining U.S. Maritime Power Requires a Revolution in Shipping, states a Heritage news source.

Fostering a revolution in American shipping

Fostering a revolution in American shipping can energize a lethargic industrial sector that is critical to the nation’s defense and strengthen it so that it can sustain a wartime economy.
A stronger and globally competitive maritime sector serves as a deterrent to Chinese economic coercion and military adventures. With a more robust maritime sector, American trade could proceed with greater confidence that the U.S. military can sustain combat operations on U.S.-flagged vessels.
In addition to serving U.S. security needs, this shipping revolution could mitigate the environmental impacts of shipping, promote domestic production, and expand American exports to global markets, which would spur wider job growth and advance technological innovation in the U.S.

Key takeaways

Over the past 30 years, the U.S. has gradually ceded its economic security by increasing its reliance on other nations’ shipping and shipbuilding—including China’s.

The U.S. must regain global competitiveness in shipping and shipbuilding, while ensuring that the U.S. Navy remains a credible deterrent.

Nothing short of a revolution in U.S. shipping is required to compete with China’s world-class merchant fleet and its quickly expanding navy.

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Source: Heritage