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What it takes to have a career in the maritime industry? It may sound quite simple but it’s more than what meets the eye. So, in order to empower people with an invaluable insight into the careers pertaining to maritime sector, Wartsila is present the most dedicated workers on their website.

Today, we are going to hear it from Nishant Redekar, the Solution Architect of Process Automation, Data and Analytics Services in Wartsila. Nishant has been working in Wartsila for the past 8 years and here is his story.

Making your Workplace the Playground

When you are passionate about your job, your workplace becomes, in a sense, a big playground. Wärtsilian Nishant Redekar tells us why Wärtsilä offers a work experience that is unlike anything else out there.

A sci-fi and tech geek, Nishant Redekar considers himself lucky to be able to work in a company like Wärtsilä which allows him to pursue his passions by working on cutting-edge technologies.

How did it start?

His career at Wärtsilä started over eight years ago when he joined as a Junior Executive, Application Services in the India office. Nishant used this opportunity to gain valuable technical expertise which supported him in becoming a Domain Expert. Now, he works at Wärtsilä’s Vaasa office as a Solutions Architect, Process Automation in Data and Analytics Services team.

Professional and Personal Development

“Wärtsilä has provided me with ample opportunities to keep me involved and on my toes, all the time,” he says. “I have evolved both professionally and as a person with Wärtsilä and, hope to continue doing so.”

What does he do?

In his current role, Nishant is responsible for bringing in new possibilities of smart automation services for the company’s operations and support functions – a task that directly contributes to Wärtsilä’s digital transformation.

Some of the crucial areas are Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Nishant aims to make them business as usual in Wärtsilä. “Being involved directly in driving our transformation, makes every day a memorable one,” he says.

Meet the problem solver

“I have been trying my best to build and deliver stable, scalable and sustainable technology platforms to support business processes,” he explains. “I am great at solving problems and building solutions to address challenging issues – making me and my work a good fit.”

Nurturing Innovator Per Se

Nishant considers himself an innovator, coming up with new solutions to meet Wärtsilä’s business needs. His problem-solving skills are held in high regard by his colleagues who praise him for his proactive and out-of-the-box approach. Mention this to Nishant though and he credits it to the enabling environment at his workplace.

How does the environment help?

“Wärtsilä provides a highly dynamic, competitive and professional environment that quite frankly helps engage one’s innovative spirit. I think this is thanks to the great managers and their amazing people skills,” he explains. “My workplace is like a big playground. I come here every day with a new challenge to tackle and work with or a new question to answer – and have fun while doing it.”

This has helped Nishant to think of new solutions and processes that have enabled Wärtsilä do business more efficiently. In fact, he has fond memories of the time one of his ideas helped to save hundreds of thousands.

Using Your Abilities to the fullest

“One time I decided to prove that we could accomplish one particular project on our own. So, I spent several nights creating a homegrown piece of software – or code – as you may refer to it,” he recalls. “I managed to convince the management to use it in the project. It worked very well and saved us a few hundred thousand euros which we would otherwise have spent on our supplier to get the same job done.”

Is it a lonely job?

Nishant’s work might sound like a lonely job but that is not the case. “I work with many teams across the organisation. These fellows keep pushing my boundaries with challenging questions and they’re a great support, always helping to look at the positive side of things and to keep cool during tough times.”

Failure is the best teacher

While he has had his share of wins, Nishant is quick to point out that success is not always guaranteed. Trial and error, he says, is key to ensuring that one has more hits than misses in their career.

“Failure is also part of the journey,” he explains. “We’ve had situations where we are halfway through the project, and we realise that the solution is not going to work. This should not be seen as a disaster but as an opportunity instead. Normally, we then take calculated measures to shut the project down and use the lessons learned in our next task.”

This ability to fail fast and learn from it is something that Nishant feels is inculcated in the work culture at Wärtsilä, and it is key to the company’s remarkable feat of being in business for over 185 years.

Being Positive of New Ideas

“People’s mindsets have changed over the last few years to become very positive and receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things,” he says. “I truly feel that we are going through huge transformative times, and it is a positive trend.”

Forseeing the Company, Your Employer

So how does Nishant foresee Wärtsilä faring over the next few years?

“We are definitely heading towards being a true energy lifecycle company with innovative products and offerings,” he declares. “Our products and services are already ahead of the competition and we have even more innovative and disruptive ideas on the drawing board. The future is ours to seize.”

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