WHO Asked Ukraine To Destroy Pathogens In Labs


  • Its labs have received support from the United States, the European Union and the WHO.
  • The agency also did not answer questions about whether its recommendations were followed.
  • Ukrainian officials in Kyiv and at their embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for comment.

The World Health Organization has advised Ukraine to destroy high-threat viruses stored in the country’s public health laboratories to avoid “any potential spillage” that may spread disease to the general people as reported by NBC News.

Disease-causing pathogens

According to biosecurity experts, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and shelling of its cities has increased the chance of disease-causing pathogens escaping if any of those facilities are damaged.

Ukraine, like many other nations, has public health laboratories working on ways to reduce the threat of severe diseases that harm both animals and humans, such as Covid-19. The United States, the European Union, and the World Health Organization have all lent their assistance to its laboratories.

WHO’s refusal

The WHO refused to specify when the suggestion was issued, and it also refused to say what viruses or toxins were kept in Ukraine’s laboratory. The agency also declined to comment on whether or not its suggestions were implemented.

Officials from Ukraine’s embassy in Washington and in Kyiv did not reply to calls for comment.

Since Russia began sending troops into Ukraine two weeks ago, Ukraine’s laboratory capabilities have been at the centre of a developing information battle.

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Source: NBC News


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