WHO Chief Says We Are ‘Increasingly Blind’ On COVID Transmission


The Globe Health Organization’s director-general advised governments to keep an eye on coronavirus infections on Tuesday, saying the world was “blind” to how the virus was spreading due to low testing rates as reported by Reuters. 

Evolution trends

“As many nations restrict testing, WHO is receiving less and less information concerning transmission and sequencing,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference at the UN agency’s Geneva headquarters.

“As a result, we’re becoming increasingly blind to transmission and evolution trends.”

“Testing rates have plunged by 70 to 90%,” said Bill Rodriguez, CEO of FIND, a worldwide aid organisation working with WHO to promote access to testing.

“We have unprecedented access to information about what is going on. Yet, because testing was the first casualty of a global decision to relax our security, we are becoming oblivious to what is going on with this virus today, “ he stated.

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Source: Reuters



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