Why Can’t Fuel be Poured into Plastic Containers at Gas Stations


Everything happens on the road: for example, you ran out of fuel a hundred meters from the gas station, and you have nothing with you except a five-liter bottle of drinking water. When you arrive at a gas station, you will see an announcement: “fuel is not allowed in plastic and glass canisters,’ Ukr.Media informs.

A natural question arises – why?

Most often similar messages are found at gas stations located on the highway. Even if you didn’t find anything like that on the doors and walls, you can be refused verbally. Cashiers or gas station employees will explain the ban in different ways.

Those who are off topic, or who have no desire to have long conversations with you, will send you “secret instructions and safety rules”. Among the more talkative characters, some with knowledge will start talking about caustic fuel that dissolves plastic, and others will talk about the high pressure of gasoline vapors, which creates a threat of bursting containers.

By the way, both of these are absolutely correct when it comes to a simple mineral water bottle made of food-grade plastic.

However, a simple driver has his objections to such arguments. For example, someone is ready to bet that the refusal to pour fuel into plastic is nothing more than another excuse for deception. Such a container is most often transparent, so it is easier to detect a lack of fuel in it or to identify low-quality fuel by eye.

For this reason, cunning gas stations forbid the use of transparent containers. Perhaps at some small gas stations, such a move is practiced, but it is unlikely that this applies to large network gas stations, for which reputation is not an empty sound.

In fact, the main reason for such a refusal lies in the fact that plastic has the property accumulate static electricity. Think of an electrified comb that “shoots” spark The same spark can form when a flammable liquid rubs against the walls of a plastic container, which causes ignition.

However, at this time, canisters made of special plastic, adapted for fuel storage, are on sale, as evidenced by the corresponding confirmation inscription. Believe it or not, such a container can be used for gasoline — it all depends on the degree of harmfulness of a particular gas station employee.

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Source: Thesaxon


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