Why Is The COVID Vaccination Mandate Policy On Hold?


  • Biden administration’s workplace COVID-19 vaccine rule
  • Cast Members have already verified that they are fully vaccinated
  • Vaccine mandates are deeply controversial in the United States

A representative for Walt Disney Co (DIS.N), which operates Disney World near Orlando, Florida, said on Saturday that the COVID-19 vaccination obligation had been placed on hold as reported by Reuters.

Vaccine requirement

The move coincides with the Biden administration’s workplace COVID-19 vaccine requirement, which compels enterprises with at least 100 employees to force employees to acquire COVID-19 vaccines or be tested weekly, and to wear a face mask at work.

According to a cast member at the resort complex, local TV station Fox 35 was the first to break the news.

“We think that our approach to mandated vaccines has been the appropriate one as we have continued to focus on the safety and well-being of our Cast Members and Guests,” a Disney representative had previously told Reuters via email.

“At this time, moreover 90% of active Cast Members in Florida have certified that they are completely vaccinated,” the representative noted.

Mandatory vaccination

Last month, executives from Walt Disney Co, United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N), and others met with White House officials to discuss President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement plan for private-sector workers, which has raised concerns that it will exacerbate labour shortages and supply-chain issues.

Vaccine requirements are also a contentious issue in the United States. Supporters claim they are assisting at the end of the nearly two-year coronavirus pandemic, while opponents claim they are violating the United States Constitution and restricting individual liberty.

In September, Biden announced the mandate, telling Americans that “our patience is wearing thin” with individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.

The extremely infectious Delta COVID-19 strain caused a recurrence in instances, therefore Walt Disney Co made vaccination mandatory for all on-site salaried and non-union hourly employees in the United States on July 30.

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Source: Reuters





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