Why It’s Time For A High Tide To Democratize International Shipping

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Domestic and international trade have experienced countless disruptions over the past few years, ranging from shifting consumer behaviour and economic swings to high inflation and supply chain issues, as reported by Forbes.

Emerging enterprises

However, when it comes to evaluating the effects, I’ve seen that small and midsized growing businesses are most plagued by these new situations and difficulties with regard to global shipping and logistics. The unpleasant truth is that these medium-sized, fast-growing businesses are frequently given less attention than larger, more established organisations that benefit from high-touch services from international shipping providers. I think we need to democratise international shipping and lessen the difference in order for these enterprises to completely flourish.

I’ve spent more than 23 years working in the logistics sector and have witnessed the daily struggles faced by small and mid-sized enterprises. At Ship4wd, a global logistics and freight forwarding company, my team and I believe that all general cargo deserves a better shipping experience and blue-chip treatment—the same resources that larger businesses have. These resources ensure higher quality results that are timely, cost-accurate, and properly document the shipping journey. However, this isn’t about my business or about me; rather, it’s about what the industry as a whole needs to do to overcome the shortcomings that exist—often just due to size—between businesses that compete in international trade.

I have observed business leaders’ frustrations and their hard efforts to keep their companies afloat throughout my career, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It takes a lot of time and is all-encompassing. For them to flourish, they require round-the-clock assistance, straightforward yet effective technology, openness, and open communication. Every step of the way, they require, demand, and deserve advocates on their side.

What challenges does the industry need to address?

When it comes to shipping and logistics, businesses, especially those that are expanding, confront numerous difficulties. The industry is full of dangers, including price swings, perplexing paperwork, language challenges, unanticipated customs delays, and rapidly shifting regulations that might become an Achilles heel for small businesses. These difficulties prevent business owners from concentrating on more crucial responsibilities like managing and growing their companies and ensuring client pleasure. Complex, perplexing, and burdensome are words that have come to be synonymous with international transport and logistics, and even the most seasoned and skilled stewards of worldwide shipping inside corporations may find it so. The international shipping sector, which has previously been constrained by a “business as usual” approach, has just recently experienced accelerated digital transformation.

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Source: Forbes


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