Why Repositioning Cruises Are the Cheapest Travel Hack

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Repositioning cruises are often considered a hidden gem in the travel industry.

While not suitable for everyone, these cruises offer an excellent and cost-effective means of travelling long distances, as reported by Cruise Off Path.

What Is A Repositioning Cruise?

A repositioning cruise involves one-way travel across a significant body of water, with different departure and arrival ports. Cruise lines use repositioning cruises to move their ships to different seasonal home ports. These cruises are longer than average and often have several days at sea. They offer an affordable way to travel long distances, such as from the United States to Europe, and can be appealing to travellers who don’t mind spending an extended period onboard a cruise ship.

Why Are Repositioning Cruises A Good Deal?

Repositioning cruises offer great value to travellers as they are often significantly cheaper than regular cruises. A 14-day repositioning cruise from the East Coast of the United States to Europe can cost under $1,000 per person, with inside cabins available for as little as $600. This price includes accommodation, meals, and entertainment for the entire two-week journey. Trans-Atlantic cruises also provide the opportunity to visit ports of call that may be challenging or costly to reach otherwise. Considering the substantial increase in airfare to Europe from the U.S., a trans-Atlantic cruise proves to be a budget-friendly alternative. The average flight cost to Europe from the U.S. is currently around $1,167, with many cities exceeding $1,500 for a round-trip. With a repositioning cruise, travellers can enjoy a more economical option that includes accommodation, food, entertainment and stops at exciting ports along the way.

Who Is A Repositioning Cruise Good For?

Repositioning cruises are ideal for travellers with ample time who appreciate the journey as much as the destination. These cruises typically last at least two weeks, so they may not suit those with limited vacation time. Additionally, connectivity can be inconsistent on repositioning cruises, particularly trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific voyages, so being offline for a while should be expected. It’s important to plan for the return journey as repositioning cruises end in a different location, necessitating the arrangement of a one-way flight home. Nevertheless, for those with the luxury of time, repositioning cruises offer an incredible experience and excellent value.


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Source: Travel Off Path


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