Why SEEMP and Collaboration are Key To Getting CII Right?

Credits: Shraga kopstein/Unsplash

There will always be teething issues when a new regulation comes into force. At BIMCO, however, we have rarely experienced a regulation that has thrown the industry into as much turmoil as the CII regulation.

However, if shipowners fix their eyes on five letters: SEEMP, and work in close collaboration with charterers, the industry may be off to a good start despite a regulatory framework that is complicated and imperfect.

CII regulation

About two months ago, the CII regulation entered into force. While the framework may change over time from a mathematical perspective, the intent of the regulation is here to stay.

Indeed, in its current form, the most efficient ship out there is one that is always empty and never calls at a port, but just roams the oceans at eco-speed. While such a scenario is unlikely for commercial reasons, it would give the ship the best possible CII rating. In addition, actual commercial utilisation of the ship would worsen its rating.

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