Why Shippers Permitted Overflowing Shipping Containers


Since 2001, InterGlobal Products has been engaged in the trading of agricultural products as reported by Tampa Bay Times.

Shipping lines decline 

We have never seen a circumstance where shipping lines decline to promptly pick up their containers from warehouse yards. The shipping corporations are the owners of the containers. They typically demand that importers swiftly take and return the container. In reality, if the return of the containers is delayed, the shipping companies are ready to levy daily costs.

Shipping companies today refuse to schedule a time for importers to return the containers. However, they do not take into account the storage fees levied by the receiving warehouses, which can run into hundreds of dollars. They are happy to forgo their per diem expenses. This is comparable to renting a car and being unable to return it because the lot is full and being forced to leave it in a covered parking lot at your expense at an arbitrary time.

Severe inflation 

Government representatives are undoubtedly aware of the severe inflation that America is currently experiencing. The substantial growth in ocean freight that started early in 2021 is directly responsible for a large portion of the rise. Major shipping lines all over the world raised their container rates overnight in response to the outbreak. While the origin costs of the majority of the commodities we buy have not altered, there has been no relief from these absurdly high prices. The shipping industry should be looked into for what I believe to be extortionate practices that force importers to foot the bill for their inefficiency.


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Source: Tampa Bay Times 


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