Why Utkilen Invests 125 Million Euros In Green Technology?


  • Utkilen invests more than 125 million euros in green technology.
  • Earlier this year, the shipping company signed a contract for four new advanced chemical tankers that will be delivered from the beginning of 2024.
  • In addition, four of the existing fleet’s newest and most modern ships will become even more eco-friendly when they are prepared for LNG fuel during 2022/23.

A recent news article published in the Utkilen talks about Europe’s most future oriented fleets.

Reducing carbon footprint

We have owners who invest long-term. In a time of great uncertainty in relation to to future green technology, we choose to make large investments that will considerably reduce our carbon footprint already in 2022, says Siri-Anne Mjåtvedt, CEO of Utkilen.

– There is currently a lot of talk about hydrogen and ammonia, but for us, who transport chemicals primarily in Northern Europe, this technology is not ready yet. We choose to focus on accessible, eco- friendly, and flexible technology. Half of our core fleet will be able to use LNG and biogas (LGB) when the newbuildings are delivered, Mjåtvedt continues.

Completely emission-free

The four new ships are being built in Turkey and will be delivered from the beginning of 2024. The ships will have state-of-the-art multifuel engines, optimal hull shape and can be facilitated for battery and shore power connections, thus be able to carry out port stays completely emission-free. A great deal of the equipment on board the new ships will be delivered by Norwegian suppliers. In recent years, there has only been a small inflow of new chemical tankers in short sea shipping in Northern Europe.

Gives the customers the opportunity to reduce their footprints

– Utkilen chooses to use expensive but eco-friendly technology also because this is important for our customers. Most of the ships in Utkilen’s fleet are built after our own specification and design, in good quality to be able to operate for almost 30 years. We believe this is a sustainable solution. We are continuously working to reduce the energy consumption of existing ships, as well as building new ships with eco-friendly technology, Mjåtvedt says.

– Biogas is available in our trade area. With LNG propulsion, we can give our customers the opportunity to reduce the footprint of their cargo by choosing to mix biogas into the fuel. We also hope that the customers now will follow up with facilitating shore power connection in the ports, so that together we can make our red-painted ships even greener, she concludes.

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Source: Utkilen


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