Why You Should Never Do This One Thing on Your Cruise Ship Balcony


Cruise ships can make for a fun and romantic holiday choice but travellers need to remember that rules still apply even when at sea. There’s one thing, in particular, you should never do on your balcony on a cruise.

Your cabin balcony might seem like your private space and it’s easy to think you can do what you like on it, writes Harriet Mallinson in an article published in Express.co.uk

She further goes on to illustrate how dangerous and problematic it is in the article. Here’s an excerpt from it.

Sex on The Balcony, A Strict No

One thing you should not do on your cruise ship balcony is have sex, said cruise expert site Cruise Critic.

It might be tempting to indulge in the activity when the romantic mood strikes but there’s good reason why you shouldn’t.

  • Cruise ship balconies may well be visible from surrounding balconies, and, if you’re in port, from land.
  • It’s entirely possible you’ll end up with an audience to your shenanigans.
  • However, there is another much more serious reason why you should steer clear of sex on a cruise ship balcony, the danger of knocking over yourselves.

Woman Fell Into Sea While Having Sex

According to Cruise Critic: “Back in 2007, a man allegedly jumped off his veranda in an attempt to rescue his significant other after knocking her overboard during an outdoor rendezvous.”

The 22-year-old man 20-year-old woman fell 50 to 60 feet from their cabin balcony into the sea.

They fell during the night and the ship had to turn around when their disappearance was noticed and searched for the pair with high powered spotlights and rescue boats.

The man was found naked and was discovered half an hour before his female companion was spotted. Incredibly, neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

Advised Against Sunbathing on the Balcony

Cruise Critic also advises against sunbathing naked on your cruise ship balcony. The website points out that the fact that balconies are tiered could result in others being given quite the show.

It’s advisable to be careful about how loud you are with what you get up to in your room

There are still certain levels of etiquette that should be remembered inside cruise ship cabins too.

It’s advisable to be careful about how loud you are with what you get up to in your room.

“Cruise ship cabin walls are notoriously thin, and sound travels quite well – especially through connecting or hallway doors,” said Cruise Critic.

Your neighbours may well overhear you – which may not be what you want.

And, even if you don’t mind others overhearing, it’s considered bad manners to be so noisy you’re disrupting others.

Never Leave the Balcony Door Open

You should also never leave the balcony door open either – no matter how clothed you are. Warm air coming in from the outside forces the ship’s air conditioning to work harder and therefore wastes energy.

Leaving the door open can also occasionally set off the smoke alarm, said Cruise Critic.

A third reason this is a bad idea is that the open door will create a wind tunnel and send loose and light items in your cabin flying.

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Source: express.co.uk


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