Wilhelmsen Joins Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program to Enhance Mooring Safety


Wilhelmsen Ships Service (Wilhelmsen), a leader in maritime solutions, is proud to announce its inclusion in the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program (ZHIP). This collaboration will spotlight Wilhelmsen’s innovative safety products, the Timm Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) rope and the Line Management Plan (LMP™), both dedicated to advancing safer mooring practices.

Addressing Mooring Safety Challenges

Mooring operations are fraught with safety risks, with incidents on the rise in ports such as Rotterdam. Reported mooring accidents increased from 122 in 2020 to 159 in 2023, often resulting in injuries and underscoring the urgent need for improved safety measures.

Commitment to Safety Standards

“Joining RightShip’s ZHIP reflects Wilhelmsen’s commitment to enhancing mooring safety standards in the maritime industry. Our goal is to drive positive change and collaborate with other partners in the program to improve safety at sea,” said Thomas Caradec, Product Management and Planning Director, Mooring Solutions at Wilhelmsen.

Active and Passive Safety Measures

Wilhelmsen is dedicated to mitigating mooring-related risks through both active and passive safety measures. Active measures, such as the LMP™, aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents, while passive measures like the SBA™ are designed to lessen the severity of risks if accidents occur.

The World’s First Snap-Back Arrestor Rope

The SBA™ rope is the world’s first and only anti-snap-back rope qualified by DNV. It is acclaimed as the safest mooring rope available, significantly reducing snap-back risks and providing the safest possible working conditions for crew members. The SBA™ features an innovative design that includes an energy-absorbing core, which functions as a non-load-bearing component during normal operations. In the event of a break, this core partially absorbs the snap-back energy, greatly reducing the snap-back forces.

Enhancing Rope Management with LMP™

The LMP™ offers a simplified approach to rope management by documenting evaluation methods and retirement criteria for mooring lines. This cloud-based platform provides real-time insights into rope usage and maintenance, acting as a digital logbook for storing rope certificates, managing inventory, and accessing inspection history. By offering a comprehensive overview of all ropes onboard and their usage history, the LMP™ enhances safety and optimizes crew efficiency, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Development in Response to Updated Guidelines

The LMP™ was developed in response to the updated Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) introduced by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). It provides ship operators with a comprehensive tool to manage their mooring lines inventory, aligning with the latest safety standards and practices.

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Source: Rightship