Wilhelmsen Ship Management and Affinity Shipping To Provide Special Services

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In order to provide a special bundle of services to help ship owners and operators navigate and comply with rules as shipping gets ready for the introduction of emissions trading, the global ship manager unites its experience with independent ship brokers, as reported by Wilhelmsen.

Outsourced solution

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) and Affinity Shipping in order to create a separate business that will offer comprehensive EU ETS compliance services (European Union Emission Trading System).

Offering a full outsourced solution for shipping ETS management, the company’s offering will be the first of its type. For the purpose of assisting shipowners, managers, and operators in the new era of emissions compliance, the service merges technical ship management and the buying of carbon allowances. Ship owners and operators will be required to obtain emission permits for 40% of their applicable emissions in 2024, increasing to 70% in 2025, 100% in 2026, and every year after that as a result of the EU negotiators’ decision in December to include marine shipping in the EU ETS.

Management expertise

While Affinity brings expertise in the sale and purchase of carbon products, management of the EU Allowances (EUA) registry, analysis of ETS exposure, and regulated advice on emissions markets, WSM brings technical management expertise, including the verification of emissions reports and compliance with the current EU Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) framework.

“We are excited to work with Affinity on this significant project, which will create value for clients and guarantee complete transparency along the whole value chain.” In addition to prioritising the interests of our clients by managing emission allowances as effectively as possible, the alliance seeks to ensure a seamless transition towards EU ETS compliance, according to Carl Schou, CEO and President of WSM.

A comprehensive solution 

“We look forward to working with WSM to create the company that will provide a comprehensive solution for ship owners and operators’ needs in terms of emissions reporting and trading support,” said Richard Fulford-Smith, Managing Partner at Affinity Shipping. It’s an effective collaboration of knowledge that advances our goal of helping clients manage their financial exposure to the impending energy revolution.

The Wilhelmsen group’s ship management division, WSM, is one of the biggest third-party ship managers in the business and has the most extensive global maritime network. Since 2018, Affinity Shipping has operated a carbon desk that offers client-specific, regulated advice and agency broker services for the management of carbon emissions. The headquarters of the new joint venture firm will be in Oslo, Norway.


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Source: Wilhelmsen


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