WinGD Engines To Run on Ammonia & Methanol By 2025


Swiss engine company WinGD says its engines will be able to operate on methanol and ammonia from 2024 and 2025 respectively, reads the website.

Engines running on liquid biofuel or biogas

The company’s multi-fuel engines will be based on its diesel-fuelled X engines and dual fuel X-DF engines, which can already operate on low carbon fuels such as liquid biofuel or biogas.

The engine development timeframe for ammonia and methanol forms part of WinGD’s broader ambition to grow the sales of multi-fuelled engines able to operate on carbon neutral fuels to 50% of the company’s orderbook by 2030.

By 2030, many of the ships that will be sailing in 2050 – the date of IMO’s greenhouse gas emission reduction target – will already have been ordered,’ said Volkmar Galke, WinGD’s Director of Global Sales.

Our clean fuel engine technologies will be available well before then and will be based largely on our current technologies, allowing us to support ship owners and operators in their decarbonisation choices whenever they make them.’

Ammonia-fuelled two-stroke engine

Global engine manufacturers are setting out their stalls on the development of engine technology that can use low or zero carbon fuels. For example, commodity trader Trafigura has joined MAN Energy Solutions’ (MAN ES) project to develop an ammonia-fuelled two-stroke engine. This is expected to be commercially ready for deep sea shipping by 2024, with a retrofit option available by 2025.

Earlier this month, Wärtsilä and Simon Møkster Shipping also signed a collaboration agreement to carry out a feasibility study on using ammonia as the main fuel in dual-fuel engines where LNG is the alternative fuel.

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Source: WinGD


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