WinGD X-DF2.0 Engine Banks on Fuel Savings


Swiss engine designer, WinGD has confirmed that the performance of their X-DF2.0 engine technology has surpassed initial expectations in terms of fuel savings achieved.

Optimized fuel savings

Optimized engine settings on WinGD’s X-DF2.0 second-generation dual-fuel engine platform have achieved fuel savings of up to 8% in gas mode and up to 6% in diesel mode during recent tests at CMD (CSSC-MES Diesel Co) in Shanghai, China.

Launched in 2020, more than 60 of the second-generation X-DF2.0 engines have now been ordered.

WinGD’s Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER) became the first technology to be introduced to the X-DF2.0 series to reduce fuel consumption and cut methane emissions. iCER further reduces methane slip by 50% compared to the already low level of the first generation X-DF and it lowers fuel consumption in both diesel and gas mode.

NOx reduction technology

The technology also enables Tier III NOX compliance in liquid fuel mode without the need for additional Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) NOx reduction technology. WinGD also highlights that the dual fuel platform is retrofittable for future fuels.

The first delivery of the X-DF2.0 is due to be in operation in 2023 onboard two newbuild pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) running on LNG as fuel.

Volkmar Galke, Director Sales for WinGD, commented on the technology’s fuel savings: ‘We always knew that our X-DF technology offers the greatest optimization potential for operators looking to reduce emissions. However, ongoing test results are proof of engine concept beyond expectations which we believe puts our X-DF2.0 portfolio and holistic energy management solutions at the forefront of shipping’s energy transition.

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Source: WinGD


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