Woman and Tourists Kidnapped in Philippines



Philippines army spokesman is reported to have said that on late Monday few gunmen kidnapped two Canadians, a Norwegian and a local woman from a tourist resort in the southern Philippines.  The unidentified attackers fled the scene by boat.

Philippine authorities identified:

  • The Canadian abductees as John Ridsel and Robert Hall.
  • The Norwegian, Kjartan Sekkingstad, was said to be the manager of the resort.
  • The identity of the Filipino woman is not known, but she is said to be the partner of one of the kidnapped Canadians.

The Associated Press quoted Capt Caber as saying a naval blockade was being set up around the island to stop kidnappers from reaching another island in the southwest known to house militant strongholds.

The militant group is reported to be holding a number of foreign hostages in various remote camps.

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