Woman Turns Up At Her Own Funeral


 Woman turns up at her own funeral and shocks the husband who paid to kill her

A woman gave her husband the fright of his life by turning up to her own funeral after he had arranged to have her killed.


Noela Rukundo, A Burundian woman, had arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2004, The same year she married, Balenga Kalala.

In January 2015 she returned Burundi to attend her step mother funeral.  Jealous husband Balenga Kalala had hired a group of hitmen to kill her. But the hitmen let her go and she returned to Australia to confront the man who wanted her dead.  As she reached home, She found her husband with mourners who had learnt of her accidental death in Burundi.  Kalala was shocked to see her and assumed to be a ghost.  But the climax of the story was that she was alive and knew all his evil plans against her.  In spite of  Kalala asking apologies, she called the police and has been sentenced to nine years in prison on the charge of incitement to murder.

Source: BT


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