Woman’s Decomposed Body Found in Shipping Container


The decomposed body of a woman was on Wednesday found inside a shipping container in Taiwan’s Taichung port, reports Ships&Ports.

Decomposed body in shipping container

The corpse was discovered by port workers due to a stench emanating from the container at Berth 32. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the heavily decomposed corpse, which had no noticeable injuries. One jacket, one backpack and one wallet were found alongside the corpse.

Identification documents found in the wallet indicate that the deceased is a 41-year-old American from the US state of Kansas.

The container had been used to ship goods to Los Angeles in early October, arrived back in Taichung on 22 October, and was indicated in customs documents as being empty.

Taiwanese police said that its Interpol unit is attempting to contact the deceased’s next-of-kin and has informed the American Institute in Taiwan, which is the de facto US embassy on the island.

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Source: Ships&Ports


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