Workers Behind China’s 1st Domestically-built Cruise Liner

Credits: Xinhua

Large cruise liners are regarded as one of the most challenging vessels to build because of their complexity and high standards. And after three years of construction, China’s first homegrown cruise liner is scheduled for delivery in 2023. CGTN reporter Wu Bin follows an engineer busy working on its final stage before sailing.

Largest passenger vessel of China

This is Adora, China’s first domestically-built cruise liner. Weighing over 130,000 tons, it’s the largest passenger vessel that China ever built. Now, it’s sitting quietly in the northeast tip of Shanghai, and almost ready to sail.

WU BIN Shanghai “We are now on top of China’s first domestically-built cruise liner, Adora. This spot will be perfect for sunbathing and chatting once the vessel begins operations. Enormous effort has gone into the construction of this ship. The liner has 25 million components, double the number needed to build an aircraft carrier.”

Ma Ling is one of the few female engineers in China’s shipbuilding industry.

She and her team are now working on the testing of the ship to make sure every function is running normally once sailing in the ocean.

But as someone who’s been working in this industry for over 20 years, to make this ship “alive” is nothing like any previous vessels.

There are about 30,000 safety points on the ship. You need to test them one by one, and do it three times.”

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Source: CGTN


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