World’s Biggest Marine Fuel Cell Project Gets Underway

Credits: TECO2030

A project to make fuel cell power accessible to ships by putting it in containers kicked off at the start of the month, reports Ship&Bunker.

Largest marine fuel cell projects in the world

Hyekotank is managed by Norwegian marine technology consortium TECO 2030 with partners including Shell Shipping & Maritime. The project is part European Union-funded and will run for three years.

TECO 2030 chief executive Tore Enger called the project “one of the largest marine fuel cell projects in the world“.

Carl Henrickson, general manager technology, innovation & digitalisation at Shell Shipping and Maritime, said that “Shell will purchase the fuel cell system and provide the renewable hydrogen to power this pioneering project“.

The aim is to retrofit six 400 kW fuel cell modules in a container as power supply for both propulsion and auxiliary loads using zero emission hydrogen for fuel, according to TECO 2030. Hydrogen is one of a number of alternative bunker fuels under consideration by the shipping sector.

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Source: Ship&Bunker


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