World’s Fastest Ship to be Brought Back to Life


The SS United States ocean liner was once graced by the likes of Hollywood royalty Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe and is set to be restored after laying abandoned in Philadelphia.

SS United States

SS United States is a luxury passenger liner built in 1952.  It was designed by American naval architect William Francis Gibbs to capture the trans-Atlantic speed record.  It cost a whopping five hundred million pounds in today’s money and was the ultimate luxury.

She made her maiden voyage on 3 July 1952 and broke the transatlantic speed record as she crossed from New York Harbour to Bishop Rock off Cornwall in three days, ten hours and forty minutes.  This shaved off an epic 10 hours from the previous record holder.

Speed wasn’t all the SS ocean liner had going for it either, she also to this day was the largest ship ever built in America.  So vast was her size she could hold 543 in cabin class, 418 in tourist class, 214 in third class and 643 crew.

With credentials like this it’s unsurprising everyone from Sean Connery to Grace Kelly and over four presidents including John F. Kennedy have graced her decks.  Royals like Prince Rainier have even dined at the captain’s table.

The ship still renowned for her beauty and speed eventually stopped sailing after an incredible career and lay moored in Philadelphia for over half a century.

She is owned by the S.S. United States Conservancy and they recently granted lucky photographer Matthew Christopher from Philadelphia the chance of a lifetime to go inside take photos – which now features in his book “Abandoned America: Dismantling the Dream.”

However, good news is in store for the SS United States, instead of being turned into scrap, the conservancy has struck a deal with a cruise liner company to restore her to her former glory.

Source: Daily Express


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